Board of Directors and Staff

Who Runs the Chamber?


The Superior Chamber of Commerce is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected each Spring by the members of the Chamber.  We have 10 board members, each serving a two-year term. 

Ours is a very hands-on board. Each board member serves on at least one committee (Events, Executive, Finance, Membership) and we do our best to have a few board members at all Chamber events.  Board members are selected because of their willingness to serve and devote time to the Chamber, but also because of specific skills or business experience that bring value to the leadership of the Chamber.

If you would like to visit an upcoming board meeting to share information or ask questions, please email us at




T.J. Sullivan — Executive Director


Carol Burkett — Events Coordinator

Angie Rhoades

Aspen Management

Barbara Jaynes

Barbara Jaynes

Stephanie Miller
Citywide Banks
Vice President Membership

Ted Dorr
Double D’s Sourdough Pizzeria & Taphouse
Vice President Public Relations

Weston Baur
Aspen Management