Thinking of Skipping the Holiday Office Party? Think Again!

This blog idea is quite timely as we’re hosting our annual holiday after hours tonight. According to CNN Business Kathryn Vasel, you shouldn’t miss your company holiday party. These parties give you face time and permission to talk to higher ups you may not get an opportunity to speak with another time. They give you an opportunity to meet new people and grow your network. Here are Kathryn’s top 6 tips on holiday business parties:

  1. Don’t skip them
  2. Volunteer to help plan it
  3. Before the party make a meet list of those you’d like to connect with
  4. Keep conversation topics light
  5. Focus on the people, don’t hide behind your phone
  6. Have a plan to follow up with those you meet so they remember you

That said, I guess I’ll see you tonight! You can read Kathryn’s whole article here

Happy Holidays,