One of the benefits of membership in the Superior Chamber is getting to know other members and learning about their business. One such small business owner has been active in one of our specialty business groups called Small Business Owners Mastermind. Tricia Brzostowicz owns two companies, one as Superior Patent Agent and the other, true bird publishing. To watch a small business owner work hard and see their goals met, is the true honor that we hold as staff of the Chamber. We wanted to share a little about Tricia’s publishing business as we have watched her grow as an author, under her pen name Tricia Copeland.

About the Author
Tricia Copeland grew up in Georgia and now lives in Colorado. Is This Me? and If I Could Fly are her first books. Think You Know Me, the third installment of the series, released in May. The series finale, Being Me will release in September 2016!


Her first young adult work, Drops of Sunshine, is now available in paperback or free on Kindle Unlimited or in Spellbound, a YA paranormal novella collection.

Read more, including the synopsis of Being Me here. And support a local author!