The Town of Superior has a new parking ordinance. Here is the official announcement from the town.

Preserving the quality of life in Superior’s neighborhoods requires effort from us all.  To keep our streets safer, the Town Board has approved a new parking ordinance prohibiting semi-trailers from parking along public roads or right of way adjacent to a residential lot.  It also reduces the time trailers and recreational vehicles are allowed to be parked on a public street from five days to 48 hours.

Due to their size, these types of vehicles inherently obscure visibility, especially at night.  Playing children, joggers or the family pet, crossing the road, are hidden from view – increasing the likelihood of significant accidents.  “Our new rules are in line with surrounding communities and will help keep our community safe,” according to town Code Enforcement Officer Reggie Nettles.

Community outcry prompted the board’s decision. Nettles says, “For some time, town staff has reported an increase in complaint calls, and reports of near-misses.” Trustees considered the impact of this change on residents who use personal trailers and recreational vehicles for work and leisure and acknowledged concerns by approving a measure that affords a reduced amount of time rather than prohibiting them altogether.  The timeframe works to balance providing short-term access to these vehicles while keeping safety paramount in our residential neighborhoods.

With the Board’s decision to approve this ordinance, Nettles says, “Our community is taking concrete steps to prioritize making our streets safer.”