Last week our Superior Chamber Women in Business & MOD Moms Mompreneurs group had the privilege of hosting Katherine McGraw Patterson, KP for short, who offers one-on-one coaching and programs to support women entrepreneurs. Before the session KP gave us two worksheets to guide us in picking a vision and vision word for 2019. In her presentation, KP talked about how a creating and displaying a vision board, complete with your vision word, images, graphics, and inspirational quotes, can help you focus on achieving goals for the year. I especially appreciated her telling us the science behind why vision boards work. In looking at her website and blog I found a post on creating a vision, mission, and using your brand as a vehicle for your business’s goals. If you’d like to read her post you can find it here.

Katherine McGaw Patterson is an entrepreneur, consultant, and business coach for women for almost 20 years, and knows first-hand how to create a business that meets an ideal definition of success. She is also the founder of Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners’ (WEBO) Network in the Denver metro/Front Range region.