Scholarships for Graduating Seniors

Recruitment Rewards Program!


Receive a credit toward your next membership renewal if you can help us achieve one of our membership recruitment goals!

These are the rewards for the second half of 2021.

It’s so important to bring new members to the chamber!


We know that nothing is more convincing to a potential member than a personal outreach and connection.  The conversation that you have, explaining why chamber membership has been so valuable to you, can be what makes another business owner make the investment.

The idea is simple. Twice a year, we post five membership goals.  If you help us achieve a goal, you get a credit toward your next membership renewal. Just be sure the new or renewing member mentions you when they join, or let our staff or membership committee know that you made the outreach! The credit you will receive toward your renewal is based on the level at which you bring in the new or renewing member as follows: Bring in a Bronze Level member and receive a 20% credit, a Gold Level member and receive a 25% credit and a Platinum Level member a 30% credit on your own renewal rate.

Any disputes about which member should receive a reward will be mediated by the Membership Committee in consultation with the new member. Their decisions are final. Only one reward will be paid per goal, and there’s a two reward limit per member.

Good luck and thanks for the help!

2021 Superior Chamber Scholarships

1. Get Wayne’s Smoke Shack to rejoin the Chamber.

2. Get the Element Hotel to renew their membership which lapsed in 2020 due to COVID.

3. Get a car-related business, e.g. car detailing, car wash, repair shop, etc. to join.

4. Get a residential plumber or plumbing service to join the Chamber.

5. Get a residential electrician or an electrician service to join the Chamber.