I recently had the pleasure of touring the Boulder offices of Workforce Boulder County. It is truly an impressive facility with space for access to computers & internet, training modules, GED programs, case representatives, special case workers, & more. The mission of the Boulder County Workforce is to drive employment and education opportunities that enrich individual growth, economic health, and community connectivity. They envision a flourishing community where everyone has abundant opportunity for meaningful employment and businesses are connected to a diverse talent pool. In the last physical year (PY 2018, July 2017-June 2018), Workforce Boulder County served over 9,000 clients. They may seem like a large number but is nothing compared to the numbers it served during our last recession which topped 25,000! Over 4,400 people were placed in employment in PY 2018 with an annual average wage of $51,652. Compare this to an annual average wage of new hires in Boulder County of $41,749 and this speaks to the quality of this program. If you’re changing fields, looking for a new area of employment, or struggling to find the right fit, Workforce Boulder County may be a good resource. Looking for a specific job? Need to find a new hire? Check out our jobs page!

-Tricia Brzostowicz, Interim Ex. Dir., Superior Chamber of Commerce