We advocate for our business members and our local community.


We advocate for our business members and our local community.

What We Advocate For

The Superior Chamber of Commerce understands how important the voice of the business and professional community is in the activities of the Town of Superior, Boulder County, and in the state of Colorado. We remain increasingly dedicated to identifying issues that matter to our members so we can effectively advocate for local business interests at all levels.

The Superior Chamber consistently strives to stay informed on the latest community affairs and governmental developments while seeking common sense solutions to many complex issues. Advocating for the economic vitality of our members and the community is our highest priority. We want to make Superior a great place to do live and do business.

Local Level

At the LOCAL LEVEL, we engage with the Town of Superior staff and elected leaders on an ongoing basis, participating in collaborative events and projects, and keeping abreast of Town policies and initiatives. We make sure that the Chamber is “at the table” and that the priorities of Superior’s business owner, professional, and workforce communities are expressed during election season and throughout the terms of elected officials. We work to influence Town business so that policies are business-friendly. The Chamber seeks to be a valued partner with the Town and is grateful to receive annual Town funding to help support its mission.

Regional Level

At the REGIONAL LEVEL, we constantly work in partnership with other chambers of commerce in Boulder and Broomfield counties to influence business-supportive policies around key issues, including attainable housing, transportation, taxation, economic development, and environmental sustainability. The Superior Chamber is an active member of the Northwest Chamber Alliance which acts politically to shape our regional economy. The Chamber is also part of the Boulder Regional Business Partnership and receives a small grant from Boulder County each year for its participation. We enjoy a particularly close and supportive relationship with the Louisville and Lafayette chambers, cosponsoring numerous events each year with those organizations.

State Level

At the STATE LEVEL, we are in regular contact with the Governor’s Office, the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), the Colorado Chamber, and the Association of Colorado Chambers of Commerce to make sure Superior’s influence is felt far beyond the four square mile border of the Town! The Superior Chamber is frequently in contact with our congressional delegation members, as well.

An Outstanding Quality of Life

The Chamber remains committed to having a productive working relationship with lawmakers fostering a positive employment climate that will support robust economic vitality and an outstanding quality of life for the citizens of the Town of Superior.