Board of Directors and Staff

Board of Directors and Staff

Meet the volunteers and staff members that run our chamber.

Who Runs the Chamber?

The Superior Chamber of Commerce is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, elected each Spring by the members of the Chamber.  The board of directors’ year runs from July 1 – June 30.

We have nine board members, serving three-year staggered terms. Each individual occupies a numbered “Seat” that comes up for election on a schedule. Seats 7-9 will be up for election in May 2023.  Seats 1-3 will be up for election in May 2024.  Seats 4-6 will be up for election in May 2025.  The board elects its officers each year at its June board meeting, with officers assuming positions on July 1.

All board members must be a designated representative of a member business.  The person elected president of the board must have served at least one year in an executive committee position.

Ours is a very hands-on board. Each board member serves on at least one committee (Events, Executive, Finance, Membership) and we do our best to have a few board members at all Chamber events.  Board members are selected because of their willingness to serve and devote time to the Chamber, but also because of specific skills or business experience that bring value to the leadership of the Chamber.

Board of Directors

Jeanie Jones

Seat 1

Jeanie Jones
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Joey Paull Yoder

Seat 2

Joey Paull Yoder
Paull Interiors
Vice President of Events

Samina Nadiadi

Seat 3

Samina Nadiadi
Imperial Skin Care
Vice President Membership

Angie Rhoades

Seat 4

Jen Willard
JWILL Pink Village, Inc.

Nick Crothers

Seat 5

Nick Crothers
Nick Crothers Real Estate
President 2023-2024

Barbara Jaynes

Seat 6

Barbara Jaynes

Pam Brown

Seat 7

Pam Brown
PJ’s Diner

Justen Staufer

Seat 8

Justen Staufer
Staufer Team Real Estate

Chef Arturo Perez

Seat 9

Eric Gibson

5th Gear Automotive

Our Staff

Leslie Espinoza
Executive Director

Reneé Alaniz

Renée Alaniz
Events & Programs Manager

Tammy Whitaker

Stefanie Schy
Events Coordinator

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