Certificates of Origin

This page provides essential information about certificates of origin, including their purpose, how they are issued, and the documentation required. Whether you’re involved in international trade or seeking to understand the certification process, you’ll find detailed explanations and guidelines to ensure compliance and smooth customs procedures.

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin is an important international trade document required by foreign governments. It attests that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed in a specific country. A Certificate of Origin must be signed by the exporter, notarized, and then validated by a designated agency. Since 1898, government and customs officials have recognized chambers of commerce as competent authorities to issue a Certificate of Origin.

Superior Chambers is uniquely positioned to operate as the natural and trusted agent in issuing COs, which are two types. 

  • Non-Preferential COs – known as ‘Normal COs’ for goods that are not subject to preferential treatment.
  • Preferential COs – issued for goods subject to reduced tariffs or exemptions and tend to be associated with Regional Trade Agreements.

Where can I get a Certificate of Origin?

Companies shipping products overseas and needing a Certificate of Origin can obtain one from the Superior Chamber of Commerce. To reschedule an appointment, contact us at 303-554-0789 or info@superiorchamber.com

Superior Chamber of Commerce

Certificate of Origin Policy

Any and all Certificate of Origin and additional papers submitted to the Superior Chamber of Commerce are to be filled out truthfully and the products named on the Certificates of Origin are to be manufactured in the United States of America and are of United States of America origin.

  • The Certificate of Origin must be filled out completely and notarized before being presented to the Superior Chamber of Commerce.
  • The Superior Chamber of Commerce staff has the authority and right to deny the request to sign and stamp documents if they are not complete.
  • An Affidavit of Origin and Indemnification Agreement must be signed by a company officer and presented to the Superior Chamber of Commerce. For those businesses that are members of the Superior Chamber of Commerce, this document can be signed yearly and will be kept on file with the membership investment records. For non-member businesses, an Affidavit of Origin and Indemnification Agreement must accompany each Certificate of Origin. This document must be provided to the Superior Chamber of Commerce before a Certificate of Origin will be issued.


The issuance of a Certificate of Origin will be a complimentary service for members of the Superior Chamber of Commerce. A fee of $25 per certificate (or per use of stamp) will be charged for non-members.

Steps to ensure timely processing of your Certificate of Origin

  1. Make sure you fill out the proper Certificates of Origin for the country to which you are exporting.
  2. Make sure you fill out the Certificate completely and accurately.
  3. Make sure that the product information listed is verbatim to what is on the invoice. Do not leave off product numbers, quantities, or descriptions.
  4. Do not alter the Certificate in any way.
  5. Have the Certificate notarized before having the Chamber sign it.
  6. Do not wait until the day of your shipment to bring in your certificate.
  7. Schedule a time to meet with a Chamber representative at info@superiorchamber.com 

Common Export Documents

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CBP encourages importers/exporters to become familiar with applicable laws and regulations. The information on this page promotes the understanding of this responsibility, as there may be specific requirements related to a particular commodity, such as those set by Partner Government Agencies (PGA).


The Export Solutions Roadmap offers online resources and tools to unlock the knowledge exporters need to begin, grow, and finance international sales. It also provides a list of Common Export Documents including Certificates of Origin and provides a generic sample for download. 

International Chamber of Commerce

The ICC is an institution representative of 45 million companies in more than 170 countries, making it easier for businesses to trade internationally.