Money Management, Financial Planning

& Investments

Access essential resources for your business, all available in one spot.

Our toolkit offers various topics, each with curated links to local, state, and federal resources. Take advantage of our extensive research, including the best articles, printable resources, and webinars designed to empower your business for success. 

What we do

The Superior Chamber and the Town of Superior have joined forces to create this toolkit, offering a collaborative solution for achieving business excellence.

We are dedicated to supporting businesses and driving economic growth, job creation, and job retention in our community. Beyond that, we are deeply passionate about equipping our members with the essential tools to start, fund, budget, market, build, and plan for their businesses’ growth. Collaborating with various partners, we provide comprehensive assistance by connecting businesses to the right agencies, programs, and resources to ensure sustained growth.

 Our commitment is to support businesses in building and fortifying their capabilities and sustainability and to play a significant role in the economic vitality of Superior and Boulder County.

Starting a Small Business

Here are resources designed to offer guidance and support in launching and growing your new venture successfully. 

Hiring, Staffing, and Employee Management

Access resources and tools to streamline your HR processes, safeguarding both your business and employees.

Marketing Your Business

Gain marketing insights to expand your reach, target customers effectively, and enhance your online presence.

Money Management, Financial Planning & Investments

Access expert guidance on money management, financial planning, and investments to secure and grow your business’s financial future.

Funding for Your Business

Discover tailored funding resources and information designed to support your business’s growth and success, offering a range of financial options.

Insurance for Your Business

Understanding basic business liabilities and securing appropriate insurance coverage is crucial to protecting your business effectively.

Licensing, Legal Requirements and Regulations

Ensure you have a thorough grasp of your business’s legal requirements and that all necessary licenses are secured and in place.

Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks

Ensure the protection of your work by locating all the necessary resources to complete your registration. Learn about the process and find out who can help you.


Explore the expectations of owning your own business and gain insight into the licenses required in Colorado, including information on sales tax, property taxes, and enterprise zones.

Veterans and Minority-Owned Business Resources

If you are a veteran and minority-owned business, discover tailored resources from public, private, and government organizations designed to support your specific needs. 

Women-Owned Business Resources

Numerous resources are available for women-owned businesses, including training, counseling, opportunities for federal contracts, access to credit or capital, and participation in various events and programs.

Certificates of Origin

The Superior Chamber is your partner in competing in a global market. If your business engages in international trade, acquiring this crucial document is essential. Learn more about how to obtain it from the Superior Chamber.


If you’re seeking to adopt sustainability practices and discover resources to effectively communicate your commitment to customers, you’ll find everything you need right here.

Office Space Openings

Are you considering opening your business in the Superior area? Explore valuable information and opportunities here. Superior is vibrant, progressive and known as one of the best small towns in Colorado.


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