Being part of business networking and leads groups can be beneficial for your bottom line in many ways. From exposure, to opportunity, connections, advice, raising your profile, satisfaction from helping others, and creating friendships, being part of a group has many perks. Leads groups are business networking groups with the sole aim of passing leads to the member businesses. Generally, only one business from each sector is represented, so there is no competition within the group. Each group is different, but most have a point system for passing leads between members. A certain number of points is required to retain your spot in the group. The meeting itself may open with each person giving their thirty-second elevator pitch. Then, members take turns giving a more in-depth view of their companies and what are good leads for them. Outside the meetings, members are encouraged to meet one on one. The better you know the other members, the better you can recommend that person without hesitation, because you know and trust their capabilities.

Dr. Don Cooper, The Sales HereticTM, has several tips for how to maximize your leads group experience.

  1. Be on time – better yet, be early, this signals trust and reliability to others
  2. Get to know people – the better you know the members, the easier it is to refer them and vice versa, ask questions and take notes
  3. Give lots of referrals
  4. Give good referrals
  5. Be clear – make it easy for others to know exactly what you do and who is a good match for you
  6. Recruit members
  7. Provide value to the group – educate, give tips, recommend things that have worked for you
  8. Find speakers
  9. Volunteer to fill a leadership role
  10. Use your group – use their businesses so you have first-hand experience
  11. Visit other groups – get new ideas
  12. Focus on one and only one group
  13. Invite members to other events
  14. Be consistent
  15. Be Patient – results aren’t always immediate, building relationships takes time

The Superior Chamber of Commerce currently has three leads groups. Call or email us to get details on these. For more information and details on how business groups can benefit you and how to make the most of a leads group go to the following pages:

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Tricia Brzostowicz
Asst. Director, Superior Chamber of Commerce