• Think about: table, chairs, tent with weight for weather (stakes, water jugs), banners, tablecloths, marketing materials, LOTS of business cards
  • Visual aids of what you do as a business
  • Put table in the back of your booth so people can come in and get shade
    • Have someone be the “personality”; if this is not you then get a friend to engage the guest & pass them onto you for details


Eye catching and interactive

  • Signs need to be big and easy to read
  • Games need to be quick
  • Think color and movement to attract attention
  • Offer goods, offer services, offer sign-ups, offer a call-back, but make it their decision.


Budget friendly

  • Team with another business to share a booth? Manpower is shared and that gives you a chance to visit other booths at the event


Family attractive

  • Make sure if you have something for the kids to do that someone else can talk to the parents and answer questions so you don’t lose that opportunity
  • Capture potential customers by
  • Give out a free service or drawing to collect email addresses for your newsletters
  • Make it an information sheet that they drop into a box: name, email and phone #



  • Select cost-effective giveaways and promotional products that have high-perceived value among your target prospects and complement your company image
  • Ideas: frisbees, tattoos, balloons with logo, beer cozies, calendars, child ID kits, lollipops, note pads, face painting, cotton candy


 Additional Thoughts

  • Invite your clients to visit your booth. Market the event that you will already be at – a great way to connect with clients in a different atmosphere.


Don’t forget

  • Always have a tent! Tents add color and provide cover in any weather!
  • Always have someone in the booth! If you need to take a break, have a friend be the point person for a bit.
  • Be prepared for any weather!
  • Keep coming back – once at an event might not be enough!