I recently ran across a post on “The Five Myths of Work-Life Balance” by Jessica Gendron on The Center for Leadership Excellence website. The title drew me in so I read more. Ms. Gendron lists the five myths of work-life balance as the following (be forewarned, they don’t make you optimistic):

1. Balance equals perfection.

2. Balance means everything is equal all the time.

3. Balance is easy.

4. You can do it on your own.

5. Work-life balance is attainable.

The 5th myth had me the most perplexed. Why even try, I thought. Ms. Grendon explains that work-life is attainable for short periods of time, which makes sense because there is always going to be a big project that has to be completed by a certain date. But you may take a vacation the next week that re-balances your life. To read more about these myths and how to achieve better work-life balance you can find Ms. Gendron’s article at https://cleindy.com/the-five-myths-of-work-life-balance/.

Best wishes,
Tricia Brzostowicz
Asst. Director, Superior Chamber of Commerce