If you’re looking for a bright side in your look back at 2020, you have to admit it.  The Town of Superior’s Cultural Arts and Public Spaces (CAPS) Committee had a truly amazing year, sprinkling the town with visual and experiential delight.

2019 was pretty memorable for the Committee with the installation of the iconic “Zephyr in Triptych” statue at the McCaslin traffic circle.  It would be hard to beat that for pure drama and visibility. However, 2020 was the year art filled every corner of the Town. Even as we faced the stresses of a pandemic, Superior saw public art in more subtle and accessible projects.

The highlights:

Bus Shelters.  Ten bus shelters throughout the Town have been transformed into colorful art installations by local artists, celebrating local history and flavor.

Prairie Dogs.  When the committee first brought up the idea of 4-foot plexiglass prairie dogs sprinkled throughout the Town, it might have seemed a little whimsical.  But, once the 11 colorful critters – again created by a variety of local artists – were installed, they became the hit of the Summer of 2020.  Socially-distancing families hunted for the statues all over town, taking selfies and enjoying the power of art. A huge triumph.

Purple Park Pop-Up Art.  Sure, they looked a little “War of the Worlds” with their long legs sticking out of the Purple Park pond. But, the temporary installation in the Town’s central park gave the community something to ponder during walks with friends and family.

Small Installations.  The eyeballs in Community Park are incredibly fun. If you haven’t gotten a picture of your kid mugging with their favorite reptile eyeball, what are you waiting for? The ceramic “Peacock” mural in Community Park is gorgeous. More smaller installations are coming. Soon, everyone in Superior will be filling Instagram with pictures of themselves in front of a gigantic angel wings mural.

Grasso Lights.  A small delight to add some joy to the holiday season.  The installation of music-synchronized lights in Grasso Park, next to Town Hall, is currently giving residents a visual and audio treat to help cope with canceled family gatherings and winter vacations.

CAPS Chair Debbie Yeats, vice-chair Terrye Whitaker, and the entire committee deserve a standing ovation for all their efforts in 2020.  Their goal of diversity in art and media was realized. A special ovation is earned by Deana Miller, Cultural Arts and Events Supervisor, the Town’s staff person who implements all the amazing ideas with remarkable skill.  (The hard-working Miller gets all the credit for that super-fun car concert this fall, also.)

CAPS isn’t slowing down in 2021.  On Monday, the Town Trustees approve an agreement with Flocus, Inc. for a $30,000 public art project at Oerman-Roche Trailhead entitled “This Must Be the Place.” Go HERE to see the design. CAPS is also hard at work on ideas and plans for the 1500 Coalton community center building that opens in the coming year.

Public art is great for business, helping to make Superior feel special for both residents and visitors. The Chamber celebrates your efforts, CAPS! Thank you for all you do.