At tonight’s Trustees meeting (2/22/21), the Town of Superior will consider taking the first steps toward the development of a new affordable/attainable housing project in the Superior Marketplace area. The Town Board has prioritized adding attainable housing to the community as well as exploring public improvements to enhance the Superior Marketplace and the adjacent RTD Park-n-Ride site.

Scott Holton and Gavin McMillan of Element Properties will provide an overview of their firm’s interest in developing a 150-200 unit attainable housing development at the current RTD Park-n-Ride site. Element Properties, based in Boulder County, has extensive experience in developing affordable housing redevelopment opportunities throughout the area.

Tonight’s presentation offers an opportunity to evaluate the Town Board’s interest in a public-private partnership.  If feedback is encouraging, Element Properties (no relation to the Element Hotel in Superior) would then work with Town staff to take some first formal steps toward a concept plan.

The Superior Chamber of Commerce endorses these initial steps by Town leadership and encourages concrete moves toward the development of attainable housing within our community. Consistent with its 2021 strategic plan, the Chamber believes that investments into attainable housing will yield positive outcomes for local workforce development and will spur new vitality in the Marketplace area – critical to the Town’s retail tax base.

“Across Boulder County, there have been terrific efforts to address issues surrounding attainable housing,” said Stephanie Miller, chair of the Chamber’s board of directors. “It’s critical that first-responders, teachers, and others who play such a critical role in Boulder County’s growing economy can live here.”

“The evolution of the Marketplace area into a truly mixed-use area holds great potential for Superior,” said T.J. Sullivan, Superior Chamber Executive Director. “The proximity to mass transit will hold huge appeal to those wanting to live and work along the 36 Corridor, particularly young professionals with values around sustainability.”

It would take at least two years for any project to be completed. Acquisition of land from RTD and financing are significant hurdles.

If given a green light to proceed, Element Properties would begin work with Town staff to advance discussions with RTD, explore alternative sites, consult with CHFA, and begin inquiries with the Boulder County Housing Authority. Site selection and community input could begin as soon as the end of 2021.


Pictured: Element Property’s Ciclo Building, located at S’PARK in Boulder, offers 38 units of permanently affordable workforce housing.