Meet Samina Nadiadi

Samina started a skin care business called Imperial Skin Care in 2008. She specializes in custom skin care treatments including facials, hydrodermabrasion, skin tightening, threading and waxing.  Knowing the best technique is only part of the process, she also focuses on making her clients feel great. Imperial Skin Care is located at 550 Zang Street, suite 21, Broomfield.

As an active Chamber member since 2008, Samina joined the Chamber Board of Directors in 2021 to make a positive difference in our community, to help and facilitate various cultural groups and celebrate Unity in Diversity. She has been very involved in the community through the local elementary and middle schools, and is the membership director for the India Association of Colorado.

Samina is a U.S. citizen and a fourth generation Kenyan-born Indian.  She moved to London, U.K. when she married her husband.  Having lived in three different countries, she is multi-lingual and appreciates the multiple cultures and customs that exist in our community. She and he husband have two sons who were born in England.  In 2000, the family moved to Colorado and have lived in Superior for 21 years. Both of her sons went to the local schools and graduated from CU Boulder.  

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