Stephanie joined the chamber in 2007 after attending her first Wednesday Leads Group meeting.  At that time, the thought of giving an elevator pitch in front of a group of people would send her heart racing in a blind panic, not unlike that of someone headed towards certain death.  And, attending after-hours events was an exercise in attempting not to appear as crippling awkward as she felt.  Fast forward to today, where she thrives on connecting with fellow members and doesn’t shy away from public speaking in any forum.  Something she credits entirely to her time and involvement in the chamber.

As the Vice President of Private Banking at InBank, Stephanie believes banking should be anything but transactional.  Knowing her customers on a personal level and helping them reach their financial goals is what drives her, and she loves exceeding expectations.  In addition to helping with everything from checking accounts to HELOCs, Stephanie is also an experienced residential construction lender.  Something that’s made her a valuable resource for those in our community after the Marshall Fire.  As a Superior resident of almost 20 years, she just wants to help her neighbors get back on their feet in any way she can.

Outside of the office, Stephanie is passionate about travel, photography, and checking new experiences off her bucket list.  Never one to do anything on a small scale, she traveled to all seven continents in one year in 2019 (talk about good timing!)  And, her photography has been featured in publications like National Geographic, The Washington Post, and Lonely Planet.  She shares all of her travel tips and photos on her travel website, The Scenic Suitcase.  And, when she’s looking for an adventure a little closer to home, she loves paddleboarding, hiking, and getting outside to enjoy the Colorado sunshine.