Avista Adventist Hospital named among America’s Best Maternity Hospitals by Newsweek

The incredible caregivers at Avista Adventist Hospital have been recognized once again by the national publication Newsweek. Avista was named among the 350 America’s Best Maternity Hospitals for the high-quality whole-person care we provide to each baby, mother and family. Avista was previously recognized with this honor in 2020.

“I truly believe that my team, ALL my OB and NICU nurses, techs, and all the doctors make this a truly wonderful place to come for one of the most important times in a family’s life,” said Shea Lewan, a Nurse Clinical Coordinator at Avista’s New Life Birth Center who has served our ministry for 19 years.

“I have never had any caregivers unwilling to give 100%, despite the strife that we have faced with the ongoing reality of COVID-19. These professionals know that working here is more than just a job. There is so much compassion, caring, patience and knowledge invested in each individual patient who comes through our doors.”

Avista’s Level 3 NICU is the region’s largest, and the hospital has delivered more than 60,000 babies. Many of Avista’s caregivers have chosen to have their own babies at the New Life Birth Center, including Angie Koson, a nurse at CHPG Women’s Health Church Ranch, an Avista clinic.

“I had a pre-term delivery six weeks early. Having a level 3 NICU with kind, experienced, and knowledgeable staff was really important to me,” Angie said. “I had been working with this team for seven years, and I knew and trusted that the staff would safely get my baby delivered and help me learn to be a new mom. They still managed to exceed my expectations.”

Out of the thousands of hospitals that were a part of Newsweek’s comprehensive evaluation, only the top 5.8% are being recognized. The evaluation is based on three data sources: a nationwide online survey in which hospital managers and maternity healthcare professionals were asked to recommend leading maternity hospitals, medical key performance indicator data relevant to maternity care, and patient satisfaction data.

Learn more about the New Life Birth Center and the many other services we offer at Avista Adventist Hospital by visiting www.avistahospital.org.