The Superior Chamber is proud to announce the recipients of this year’s scholarships for graduating seniors. Congratulations to CJ Fair and McKenna Selby, both 2022 graduates of Monarch High School. McKenna will be attending Colorado State University and CJ will be starting at Front Range Community College for his first year of college. Each recipient will receive $1,000 towards their tuition and join a legacy of scholarships recipients who have received the award.

More About McKenna:

“Choir has been meaningful for me because it is my oasis in the midst of my busy life. When I feel tired, I go to choir and am energized by listening to beautiful music. When I feel uninspired, I go to choir and am reminded of the vast creativity that exists in the world. When I can’t stop agonizing over schoolwork and assignments and grades, I go to choir and allow my brain to set down her endless to-do list and lose herself in music. The beautiful thing about singing is it requires you to live 100% in the present moment.” Excerpt from McKenna’s scholarship application.

“When I think about what sets McKenna apart from her peers, the first thing that comes to mind is her openness to trying new things and embracing challenges. She prides herself on having a “why not?!” attitude, meaning that when faced with something challenging or potentially outside of her comfort zone, she chooses to say, “why not?!” and go for it.” Excerpt from McKenna’s reference letter.

Learn more about McKenna by watching her profile video.

More About CJ:

“My most meaningful activity throughout high school has been Health Occupations Students of America, HOSA for short. In HOSA we participate in community service, learn about health science, listen to guest speakers, and compete in a yearly state competition. I started HOSA my freshman year and competed and won 8th in the district. In my sophomore year, HOSA was not offered at my school but when I started my junior year I also started attending Boulder Technical Education Center (Boulder TEC for short) part-time. At Boulder TEC HOSA was an offered organization. I ran for the Vice President of Activities and won!” Excerpt from CJ’s scholarship application.

“CJ has taken on a greater leadership role each year with the MHS Game Club. For the past two years he has acted as a club leader by creating the monthly questions for our year long Trivia Bowl. Other responsibilities include organizing the group’s communications; executing fundraising opportunities; and helping me with many library projects. CJ understands intuitively the importance of seeking out timid new students to make them feel welcome from the moment they arrive.” Quote from CJ’s reference letter.

Learn more about CJ by watching his profile video.