Business of the Year Award Winner

The Chamber was very pleased to present the Business of the Year Award to Vargas Property Service. Vargas has been shaping our community for nine years by working with the Town to take care of the landscaping in all of our public areas. From sides streets to parks, and from medians to street edges, Vargas has touched every part of this community, literally. In business for 30 years, there is no better way to describe Vargas than as a big company with a small-town heart for the communities they serve.  Their commitment to integrity and excellence shines through in their detailed attention to every task.

Victor Vargas started his business in the 80s as a general contractor specializing in interior commercial remodels and while working in the Interlocken Business Park in Broomfield, he seized the opportunity to become the exclusive landscape contractor for the property as it grew.  In the 90s Vargas became open to working with other entities and has serviced the City of Broomfield, the City of Brighton, and the Town of Erie during that time.  Victor has always been strongly supported by his family and has had various family members work for his company including his siblings, children, nephews, and many more.  Victor’s mother would often visit the office and work sites, she was very proud of her son.  She was loved dearly by the staff and has been greatly missed since her passing in 2018.

Here are the members of the Vargas family contributing to the business:

Owner – Victor Vargas

General Manager – Elena Vargas Neail (Victor’s daughter)

Chief Estimator – Vince Vargas (Victor’s brother)

Project Manager – Eric Neail (Elena’s husband)

Project Manager – Alex Vargas (Victor’s son)

Human Resources – Miranda Vargas (Victor’s daughter)

The Chamber is proud to have Vargas Property Services as such an important part of our daily lives.  Thank you for being part of the Superior and the Chamber!