Our Ambassadors help make our community a friendly place


Our Ambassadors help make our community a friendly place.

Helping Hands

We simply couldn’t do all the amazing things we do without the help of a highly committed group of volunteers. Our Ambassadors wear many hats – helping you set up your booth at a Town festival, welcoming new residents, and even just providing a warm smile and a welcome at a Business After Hours.

We are so grateful for these individuals who give that extra time to make the Superior Chamber a friendly, welcoming place.

If you have been a Chamber member for at least six months and would like to step up your involvement, please reach out to the staff and express your interest in being an Ambassador. We ask every Ambassador to volunteer about two hours each month, based on the nature of that month’s events and activities.

Steve Leeds

Superior Chamber of Commerce

Business Development Specialist

Samina Nadiadi

Imperial Skin Care

Vice President Membership

Carol Burkett

Lyndsey Geiger

Elaine Huot

Nancy Krueger

Sheila Clemenso

Stephanie Schacht

Lora Covington

Mona Hart

Jacqui Ruppel