Star Alarm AV LLC

Stuart Benton started Star Alarm AV in 2005 when he lived in Brighton, Colorado. A home-based business, Star Alarm AV moved with Stuart to Superior in 2012. Stuart appreciates living in a small bedroom community that has afforded his family the opportunity to build relationships with neighbors through local school events and many years participating with Pack/Troop 278 Scouting.

While many people just go wireless for many of the same connections that Low Volt wiring services, the pandemic underscored the value that low volt wiring provides. When mom, dad, and kids were at home
— and all needing to be on Zoom calls at the same time for work and school — wireless systems created stress for many. Stuart explains, “Think of your home wireless as a garden hose that you are sharing with all the wireless devices needing Internet. The more demand, the lower the pressure. As a result, everybody could not be doing simultaneous Zoom meetings. However, if they were plugged into the home network with a low volt hardwire, it would be like having their own garden hose they would not have to share. For the homes I hardwired, I was able to tell the clients to plug into the jack on the wall.”

The Star Alarm AV truck and supply inventory were spared in the Marshall Fire, all because of a wind shift and amazing efforts of first responders. Stuart feels so lucky that his family and business were spared, but he sees the devastation on his block every time he leaves home. He has vowed to give back and help victims of the Marshall Fire. The first thing he did was revamp his website, to be a resource for fire victims. He has also provided Low Volt resources and information to Marshall Fire Victims. He provides advice on how to low volt pre-wire a rebuilt home, and will provide the full low volt pre-wire and install of the home electronics when the home is complete.“

I hope that Superior is rebuilt to how it was prior to Marshall Fire, just better and up-to-date, so the residents have their homes back with updates they wish they could have done prior to the fire.”

-Stuart Benton, Business Owner


The One Community Business Spotlight campaign is a partnership between the Town of Superior and the Superior Chamber of Commerce to support our local businesses in their recovery efforts from the Marshall Fire.


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April 9, 2022